Bone-A-Fide Pet Grooming provides the following services:

Full-Service Bathing from $18

Appointment necessary. This service includes shampoo and conditioner with our fine products, nail trim, ear plucking and cleaning, anal gland expression, blow drying and brush out. Your pet will be clean and fluffy and smelling great. Please note that this service is not suitable for pets with heavily matted coats or those with an excessively thick undercoat. These pets will be charged the same rate as a full groom due to extra labor and time. For an additional fee, we can shave the pads, scissor trim the feet, shave the private area, and trim the face and head.

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Full-Service Grooming from $38

Appointment necessary. In addition to the bath, this service includes the hair cut of your choice.

Nail Trimming $5-$10

Appointment not necessary. Nail grinding with a Dremel tool is also available for an additional charge.


Anal Gland Expression $10

Appointment not necessary. Please note that this procedure can sometimes be a messy process and bathing may be suggested.

Teeth Brushing $8

Appointment not necessary.

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